International Joint Proposal Check Service for RIs by NCPs (JPS)

The objective of the  Joint Proposal Check Service for RIs delivered by NCPs is to provide continuous expert support for RIs calls applicants. This service should help researchers, improving the quality and raising the success rate of project proposals. 

RICH2 partners are aware of the need for discretion and protection of information including data protected by GDPR. The NCPs will act in accordance with the 'Minimum standards and Guiding principles for setting up systems of National Contact Points (NCP systems) under Horizon 2020'. These principles assure for the NCPs not to have conflict of interest and maintain confidentiality about projects and projects proposals.

Process of Communication for the JPS

1.The project coordinator/proposer communicates with the National Contact Point. The list of NCPs is to be found at: 

2.In case the proposer agrees to use JPS, the project coordinator asks the consortium, if they agree to use JPS.

3.In case the consortium agrees, the news is spread to the partner NCPs by the national NCP and by the coordinator to the partners of the consortium.  The partners communicate with their national NCPs on issues they need to consult.

4.The check of the proposal is done only by the “core” NCPs from consortium partner countries.

5.The activity will be recorded by the NCP of the coordinator or the NCP of the country which was contacted first (in case the coordinator country is not involved in RICH project) for the purposes of the project reporting only.

6. In case of questions communicate with the Czech RICH NCP for research infrastructures at: .