What is Transnational and Virtual Access?

What is Transnational Access? How it works?

- Do you want to run experiments in the best European laboratories?
- Are you interested in making analyses using the best research equipment?
- Do you care about accurate measurements?
- Are you looking for access to unique collections of specimens or documents?
- Would you like to run experiments on sophisticated, world-class equipment?

Transnational Access ensures free of charge access to the best European research infrastructures. Apart from the cost of research itself, travel, accommodation and subsistence costs maybe reimbursed by the projects budget.
This opportunity is open to all European researchers and to some extent to researchers from non-EU countries.

What is Virtual Access?

Virtual Access ensures free of charge access to e-infrastructure, namely to:

- Sophisticated computer services;
- Powerful computers, networks, grids, repositories, databanks;
- Safely storing large quantities of scientific data;
- Participation in virtual research communities;
- World-class operational communication and computing infrastructure to facilitate scientific research.

List of Transnational and Virtual Access opportuntiies