Policy Brief on Funding Models for Access to ERIC Multi/trans-national Services

Over the course of the past decade, European Research Infrastructure Consortia (ERICs) have become key instruments for cutting-edge science that provide solutions to today’s major socio-economic and environmental challenges, underpinning the development of the European Research Area (ERA) and fostering multinational and transnational cooperation. 

Funding from diverse schemes, together with the invaluable contributions of ERIC member countries, have allowed ERICs to deliver access to services, facilities, samples and data across Europe.  With the future of the ERA at our doorstep, ERICs must continue to evolve and expand their outreach, while upholding the highest standards of scientific excellence. Funding schemes that can sustainably provide resources in sufficient volumes will be essential. 

The Policy Brief includes key recommendations and you can find it here

More information is available on ERIC Forum website