IV RICH Symposium: 'Research Infrastructures as engines for maximising impact of Horizon Europe'

IV RICH Symposium entitled 'Research Infrastructures as engines for maximising impact of Horizon Europe'  took place virtually on 12-13 November 2020.  The Symposium provided a comprehensive view of possibilities that the European RIs offered in terms of research resources – with particular attention to digital research resources- in order to ensure the maximum impact of the Horizon Europe programme.

Research Infrastructures provide key services to research and innovation communities, and play an essential role in extending the frontiers of knowledge, whereas Horizon Europe aims at endowing Europe with world-class sustainable research infrastructures open and accessible to all researchers in Europe and beyond, to fully exploit their potential for scientific advance and innovation. 

A major goal of this part of the programme is to coordinate the development and use of RIs and enable an increased access to digital research resources, to avoid duplication and fragmentation across the European Research Area and to enhance the open science practices, while Horizon Europe in general seeks for making a substantial impact through new initiatives in place such as Missions, Partnerships, or the European Innovation Council.

Within this context, it proved to be beneficial to explore how European Research Infrastructures -including e-infrastructures- may offer key resources to these initiatives from a bottom-up approach. In particular, digital research infrastructures may play a crucial role in some of these big initiatives.

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Day 1: 12 November

Day 2 : 13 November